• Yum-yum!
  • Yum-yum!


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Yum-yum! – an educational board game with healthy eating rules. Go to the right shop, buy some ingredients and put a dish together on your plate. Beware crisps, ice-cream and hot-dogs. The player that picks them has to do lots of exercise. It’s a simple game of buying and eating food with 6 game play modes.

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Extra games

Playing with real objects


Playing the mysterious dots.


Playing the mysterious dots.


  • Testimonial person

    As a specialist working with blind, partially sighted, deaf-blind children, and children with complex disabilities in Poland and worldwide (including Ghana, USA, and Ireland), I will be using the Fun for everyone products while playing with children and during educational activities that I run. These products are ideal for children, parents, and specialists.

    Marta Bielawska

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  • What makes the Fun for everyone series so special is that it was prepared in accordance with the universal design principle — a key strategy for effective integrated education. All series products can be successfully used by both children without disabilities and blind children. This way they can be a perfect tool for having fun and learning together, therefore, they promote integrated education. 

    Grzegorz Szumski, prof. APS, Ph.D.

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