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Friends – an educational game for the youngest players. How can so many fairy-tale characters be in one game? Put together four pieces with your favourite character in a line and you will break a secret code allowing you to enter a magical land of fun, and become a winner. Use your imagination and have fun telling vivid stories with your favourite characters.

Instrukcja Brail Migowy Lektor

Extra games


Ticket bought, find your spot!


Playing the message encryption.


Playing the mysterious dots.


  • Testimonial person

    As a specialist working with blind, partially sighted, deaf-blind children, and children with complex disabilities in Poland and worldwide (including Ghana, USA, and Ireland), I will be using the Fun for everyone products while playing with children and during educational activities that I run. These products are ideal for children, parents, and specialists.

    Marta Bielawska

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  • What makes the Fun for everyone series so special is that it was prepared in accordance with the universal design principle — a key strategy for effective integrated education. All series products can be successfully used by both children without disabilities and blind children. This way they can be a perfect tool for having fun and learning together, therefore, they promote integrated education. 

    Grzegorz Szumski, prof. APS, Ph.D.

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