What are cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of data, sent by the website visited by the user and stored on the terminal devices (PC, laptop, and smartphone) used while browsing Internet websites.

This website stores cookies in your browser’s memory. Stored cookies do not in any way identify the person visiting this website. Each cookie has a defined expiration time, after which it is removed from the browser's memory. For that reason, we can divide the cookies into session cookies, which expire as soon as the browser is shut down, and persistent cookies, which have a definite expiry date.

According to the amended Telecommunications Law of 16 November 2012, your browser’s cookie settings enabling storing of cookies are equivalent to you accepting them.

If you wish to change the browser’s settings, please follow the steps below for the specified software:

With Mozilla Firefox

Choose “Options” in the “Tools” menu and then “Privacy” tab.

The browser allows you to select the option that you don’t want to be tracked at all or to remove individual cookies of the specific sites.

With Microsoft Internet Explorer

Choose “Internet Options” in the “Tools” menu and then “Privacy” tab.

With the special slider, you can adjust the general privacy level, or you can manage the settings of the specific websites by using the “Sites” button, .

With Google Chrome